No time to chat, but here are my "scollops" for the PTI challenge. 


My poor neglected little blog...

I'm a bad blogger, i own it.

I haven't wanted to post anything in the longest time. I'm still making cards from time to time. But a sincere disappointment in my photography skills and general dislike of this whole "blogger" format has put me off. Blogging. the whole thing.

But I do plan to rectify this. Be patient with me. I will dive headfirst into blogging soon enough. If I make myself accountable here, I believe it really will happen. Let say by June. By June i will be a committed blogger. With a site that I love and photography skills to match.

In the mean time, I want to tell you about something that has become very dear to my heart, in the most unexpected of ways.

Two weeks ago, maybe less, I followed a link to this blog And I am so glad that I did. This is Olga. The first child that was rescued.

This woman, Patti is A-MAHZ-ING. She has ten children. Ten! Her youngest, darling Lily has Down syndrome and so Patti has become an advocate for Down syndrome and Special needs adoption. She has opened my eyes in the most amazing ways. Her blog is simply remarkable, the good that she is doing is A-MAHZ-ING.

Imagine being an orphan. No parents. No one who cares if you live or die. Not really.

Your likelihood of being adopted is pretty slim. Even if there are people in this world that fall in love with your picture and make room for you in their hearts, then need also have room for you in their wallets. International adoption is expensive! Easily twenty thousand dollars or more.

Twenty thousand dollars.

Now imagine being an orphan with special needs, and imagine your likelihood of being adopted. It just plummeted didn't it? Are there people in this world with that bigger hearts?

This is how I used to think. I used to think no one would want to spend such a large amount of money on any child, let alone one that was not perfect, one whose special needs will continue to cost thousands of dollars throughout one's life. No one would step forward for these children.

But people like this DO EXIST! I have seen it. I have seen three families step forward. Three children rescued. Olga, Kareen and now Peter. Peter who is dying because of problems with his heart. A family has stepped forward for Peter. A family who loves Peter.

And it is so uplifting, so inspiring to know that there are people in this world who see the worth in these little orphans, see them as perfect, love them unconditionally and want to bring them home. And that is something that I couldn't help but want to support.

Patti is having a big giveaway. Need I say iPad?

Ten dollars is all she wants. Consider it ten dollars a ticket.

Ten little dollars to support the families rescuing these little orphans. Sometimes I have spent nearly that much on coffee.

My eyes have been opened as I have watched these families step forward to claim these children as their own. I have gained a renewed sense of faith in humanity. And it is beautiful.

Here is the giveaway post: I beg you to go have a look. And I sincerely hope you win, for even considering it, for reading this badly written post and being compelled to act, I love you for it and I sincerely hope you win.

Do it quick, you only have a day or so.

xx Alyssa


Shabby Chic card

Taken from the Moxie Fab World blog:

"What makes a card shabby chic? Well, shabby chic is a style characterized by layering. It is soft, utilizing ribbon, lace, and techniques such as inking and distressing. The final product looks comfortable, weathered, and worn."

And this was my attempt. The edges have been inked, vintage book print included, and the old button threaded. I hope you like it. I'm channeling Betsy Veldman's 'Bright but Shabby' style. She is such an inspiration to me!

xx Alyssa


An ode to Jars...

Mish did a heartfelt post recently on what Jars mean to her. Though it has taken me a while to get this post written up, the same thing has been on my mind for a while now. Like Mish, my craft room is full of jars.

I've been following Mish's blog for a long time, back in August 2008, she gave us a tour of her craft room. When you read her post, it really becomes clear that Mish loves "REAL things like wood and metal and glass" and I have to agree with her. REAL wood and metal and glass has a personality and a weight and unique textures that plastic can never match.  I remember thinking way back in 2008, that if I was to design my perfect craft room, it would have to be like Mish's, full of real things.  Full of wood and metal and, of course, glass jars! 

Slowly, so slowly, I been a-collecting:


The two cookie jars you can see (top right and bottom middle), were a gift from a favourite friend. The two tiny cork-topped jars stacked on top of one another were my mothers, from when she was a girl and the others are all op-shop finds. And I love them all. 

My favourite, you ask?
That would have to be the green-tinged hexagonal jar in the top middle. At the moment, the jars hold my ribbon collection and other various odds and ends. I think I may need to re-vamp their contents in the near future.

I fully intend to continue collecting, simply because I like them. I like their weight when I lift them down from a shelf, I like how the sunlight streams through them and sets the ribbons ablaze with light. And, I actually like that I could drop them anytime on my concrete floor and smash them to smithereens. It makes me appreciate their beauty, today, all the more.

So thank you, Mish for sharing what jars mean to you. It's made me consider what they mean to me. Jars don't remind me of my grandmother or of canned fruits and veggies, but they do remind me of this wonderful hobby and all that I love about it, and I am thankful for that. To me, glass jars are wholesome and time-honoured and it makes me happy to rescue them from an op-shop. I have to love them though. I don't bring any old cheap junk home, I have to love them, and these I do. Funny thing to love, eh?

xx Alyssa


Two links...

These were the two cards that got saved to my desktop today for future casing.
Each is really, really beautiful, even though they are two different styles.

Hope you enjoy,
xx Alyssa


New Link to a Fantabulous Card

Even thought I have a bit of a CAS style I can still appreciate other styles, particularly this pretty vintage goodness:
Its never to early to start on Christmas card right?
xx Alyssa


New Beaut card

Wow check this out!

xx Alyssa B


Such sweetness

Utter sweetness, all four of them!
See {here}
xx Alyssa B


Vintage Spools of Gorgeousness

Check these out-->link
Oh the undeniable cuteness...
xx Alyssa 

Such cuteness...

such perfection.
The snow page, the second one, is cute stuff I tell you.

Check it out

xx Alyssa


Colouring Champion

Clearly, Anna Wight is a colouring champion

She just knocks my socks right off

Link to her fan-tab-ulous card can be found  HERE

Amazing right?

xx Alyssa


Epic Awesomeness Ahead

That's right, my friends, I'm just going to make up words as I go along...

Today's wonderlicious card comes from Paula Tracy, another boy card, but this one for a 'big' boy, check out the link to see what I mean. {Link}

This is not an old posting like the pervious link, in fact it is Paula's newest blog entry, but it was the card that took my breath away today and so it deserves this recognition, well I think so anyway :)

xx Alyssa